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What Options Are Available To You If You have a Social Security Disability Claim?

If you become disabled and are no longer able to work, either short-term, long-term or ever again, there are several options available. And not all of them are equally beneficial to you.

Option 1: Don’t file a Social Security claim, pay for all your expenses yourself, “suck it up” and deal with losing your wages for whatever time you are out of work, then return to work whenever you are able. That is, if you are able.
Surprisingly, many people see this as a viable option. They see it as being “independent” and not becoming a “burden to society or draining the government’s vaults. The reality is this is not true at all, and they are simply harming themselves unnecessarily. Filing a claim for SS benefits is at its core, basically an insurance claim. You paid into the system and are “insured “for benefits. You are now making a claim on that insurance.

Option 2: File your claim yourself and hope that it gets approved and the SSA makes you a fair and reasonable favorable decision” with benefits that permit you to live and support your family. We call this the “Pay and Pray Option because you’ve paid into Social Security all these years, and you pray that the nice people at the SSA recognize this and will give you everything you’re entitled to, quickly and easily. Is this the way it should work, in a perfect world? Yes. Is this the way it actually happens in the real world? Sometimes, but not often enough.

Option 3: Hire an experienced attorney who has a strong focus in Social Security disability law to file or appeal for you, and fight for your rights. Notice we said, “experienced attorney who focuses on Social Security Disability claims.” There is a reason for this, but know that attorneys who practice a great deal of Social Security Disability law study the controlling laws very carefully, understand the ins and outs of filing claims, and have in-depth knowledge of how the SSA works… and the hoops you need to jump through to maximize your own chances of winning your case.